Zoe Saldana

Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

If Zoe Saldana is trying to avoid spills on her all-white style, she should probably wear a wider bib...in a darker color.

We're not sure whether to call this embellishment an un-tied tie, one-sided scarf or adult-acceptable bib, but we're even less sure how we feel about the Longchamp fashion. Yes, it adds something dynamic to the pale palette, but a statement necklace would do the same, and with much less confusion.

Aside from the flowy fabric on her front, this Star Trek star is also breaking a major fashion rule. This outfit is all white, well after Labor Day, and it also features a pair of super mini shorts! We're not sure we can blame the newly married actress on account of this extra hot September, but rules are rules...

So between the summer color and baby bib style, we're going to have to sort this into our, "make it stop" file. What's your take?

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