Imagine if G.I. Jane trained in the fatigues Rihanna is wearing? We have a feeling she'd have a few more bumps and bruises all over her body.

The "Diamonds" singer stepped out wearing some items from her new collectionRihanna for River Island, though they look more like "Rihanna for the U.S. Military." The skin-tight leggings and white bra top may be more fit for the gym than the jungle, but either way they're not fit for what the "Stay" singer is actually doinglunch at a cafe.

Frankly, we're tired of ragging on Rihanna for inappropriate attire. Instead we'll focus on her odd choice of advertising. The waist band of these pants and bra top say Ri-Ri all the way around! Given the attention this pop star gets, it's not the worst plan for promotion, but the move takes vanity to a whole new level.

Then again, she already has a perfume, a cosmetics contract, and an insanely popular twitter feed, so maybe this isn't so bad...

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