Julie Bowen

Mark Davis/Getty Images

Well this look is a far cry from the jeans and sweater combos Julie Bowen wears as Claire Dunphy.

The ABC star did the fashion equivalent of a "180" for a recent red carpet event showing up in this far from matronly maroon look. Or is the lace and leather combo more of a fashion 120? Or even 90? Half of this Emmy Award winner's ensemble says "meet you at the Hells Angels meeting" but the other half says, "anyone up for afternoon tea?"

If you remove the shoulder-covering capelet from this cocktail dress it becomes full-on vixen wear, especially on account of that black crisscross at the waist. Then again, the tie-front booties have more of a Victorian era vibe.

We typically ascribe to the "go big or go home" philosophy of sexy style. In our book, this look is playing it way too safe. What's your take?

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