Kirsten Dunst


Looks like Kirsten Dunst is well aware that the paps are everywhere these days.

The Upside Down actress stopped to refuel in a particularly revealing pair of jean shorts. Of course that look is par for the L.A. fashion course, but she paired them with curiously high pumps for what appears to be a casual weekend outing... And to make matters even more mysterious, she's wearing a plaint white t-shirt. It may be the world's weirdest outfit, gas station stop aside!

Naturally we couldn't help but brainstorm where the Spider-Man star is going in this confusing get-up. Here are our favorite ideas so far:

1. She's on her way to really fancy ho-down; her formal plaid button down is just hanging in the car. 

2. She's taking salsa lessons that require that specific shoe and sweats on top.

3. She spilled something all over her actual outfit, and this was all she could find at the Salvation Army around the corner.

We're partial to scenario number 3, but only because it would make for the world's greatest celebrity sighting.

Share your suggestions in comments!

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