Amber Heard

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

As far as we're concerned, the only style that should be created from a bedsheet is a frat-party toga!

Amber Heard seems to have taken bedroom supply design to a whole new extreme with this Osman midriff top and skirt. This appears to be a pillowcase and top-sheet creation, but we can't be sure without seeing the thread count. Either way, it's way too baggy for her slim shape.

The real shame is that if this look was only a tad tighter, it would be super sleek and chic. The stomach slit is tasteful but with an edge of sexy, and the calf-length skirt is totally in. We're even fans of the pointy-toe pumps.

So maybe this is just a case of a total fit fail. That or the Zombieland star really did make this look from the contents of her linen closet—in which case we should probably be impressed.

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