Rihanna, Kaley Cuoco

Splash News/Owen Beiny/WENN.com

Just when you thought every bit of fashion territory had been tapped, Rihanna and Kaley Cuoco try to re-invent the visor!

We're not quite sure why this half-hat was invented in the first place. Our research indicates that it has something to do with full hats making your head hot. Bottom line, it has never been trendy, and we're not so sure either the "Right Now" singer or the Big Bang Theory actress is going to change that fact.

At least the Diamonds World Tour headliner's take on the head -opper attempts to transform it into something avant-garde. Yes, she looks like a welder who insisted upon designing her own super-chic safety mask, but at least it makes a statement. The CBS actress, on the other hand, is wearing something we're certain our grandmother owns...with a polo shirt we're certain our grandfather owns!

Crazy as it may seem, we're going to give this one to Ri-Ri. What's your take?

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Who wore her half-hat best?
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