Vanessa Hudgens

Gigi Iorio / Splash News

Okay, what exactly is going on here? The other day we commented on how bizarre it is that Vanessa Hudgens wore a third all-white belly revealing style, but now she's stepped out in a fourth!

Not only is the Frozen Ground star's latest look almost identical to her first foray into this fashion territory, but she's rocking the exact same hair and make-up. Its practically a uniform at this point!

Vanessa Hudgens, White Midriff

Gigi Iorio / Splash News; Neil P. Mockford/FilmMagic; Fotonoticias/Getty Images

It's not that any of these looks have been anything but adorable, but enough already! There are plenty of looks to go around.

We've decided that the former Disney star is either the secret spokesperson for the cropped tops and white skirts council or she's messing with us. Maybe she read our piece on the three looks and decided to have a little fun with a fourth?

If so, Vanessa, please let us know you're in on the joke by rocking a fifth option by the end of next week. We promise a post in return!

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