Katy Perry, Austin Powers


Apparently the news of the #RoyalBaby's arrival makes Katy Perry...horny?

Why else would the American pop star step out dressed like London's famous ladies man? That plaid is a wintery color, the long-sleeves are ridiculous in the summer heat, and Austin Powers is the only person to wear that white, ruffled bib since the actual '70s!

The "Firework" singer has certainly rocked some explosive looks in the past, but they're always in some sort of theme: a flag-colored onesie for the 4th of July, a fruit bowl hat for a Miami performance and her famous cupcake bra for...well...whatever theme cupcake bras fit.

So we can only assume she caught the great "Kate Wait" fever that's been going around the world these past few days and decided to honor Britain's future king with it's former king of crime fighting...and baby making. 

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