Kristen Wiig

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

At first glance we thought Kristen Wiig's Viktor & Rolf frock looked like a nurses' uniform. Then we saw that bib.

There's something simple and sexy about the plain white t-shirt dress, but the half circle embellishment makes the Bridemaids star look like she should be wearing a bonnet and holding a bottle. If her Saturday Night Live days weren't over, we'd think she was playing some giant baby character.

If this look is intended to protect against potential party spills, the Friends with Kids actress is still in trouble. Putting a white bib on a white dress totally defeats the purpose! Maybe it really is more nurse uniform than toddler attire? Though, why would anyone would wear all-white into an operating room?

Maybe it really is just a white t-shirt dress with a bib-shaped neckline. In that case, it looks lovely and we hereby retire the conspiracy theories, for the moment. 

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