Demi Lovato

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What's gotten into Demi Lovato, or maybe the better question is, who's gotten into Demi Lovato's closet??

The answer appears to be a country crooner based on the boots and dresses this formerly edgy dresser has been wearing as of late. It's like the "Heart Attack" singer is having a total change of heart, fashion-wise. First she performed in this denim and white lace combo, then she strutted the red carpet in a similar prairie girl style. 

We love a good conspiracy theory, especially when clothing is involved, so here are our guesses about this former Disney star's new way of dressing.

Option 1: She recently became best buds with Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert or rival reality show judge Blake Shelton?

Option 2: Her New Mexico roots are finally showing through, via her wardrobe.

Option 3: Some southern designer just gifted her a lifetime supply of country clothes?

We're hoping it's Option 1, specifically a new best bud in Blake. That's a future duet we'd be sure to download.

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