Amanda Bynes, Court

Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

This feels like an obvious statement but apparently Amanda Bynes wasn't aware: when attempting to convince the arbiters of the law that you're not a crazy party girl, don't wear your PJs and a Halloween costume!

Not even Lindsay Lohan would pull this kind of prank, and that's saying a lot. Nothing about a long, powder blue wig, giant sunnies and a black sweat suit says, "I'm an upstanding citizen." It says either, "I'm headed to a Nicki Minaj concert," or, "I didn't have a chance to go home after an all-night rave."

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Crazy hair color aside (though it's hard to put that anywhere but front and center...), could the All That actress not at least wear a hoodie over that tank top? That would at least look like an attempt at a very, very casual court room suit. And what about a tasteful tote to at least pretend she's reviewed the legal documents?

If we were her lawyer, we'd have an emergency skirt suit on the ready to defend against this very likely fashion fail.

Though, if we were Amanda Bynes lawyer, we'd have way bigger things to worry about than what she's wearing...

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