Rose McGowan

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

You know you're in fashion trouble when it's impossible to tell how your dress is even staying in one piece!

Rose McGowan's Viktor & Rolf gown is like an optical illusion meets a brain teaser. We think we can tell where the Rosewood Lane star's left shoulder fabric connects to the rest of her neckline, but we're not entirely sure. Is there a tie thing happening around the boob-area? That would sort of explain the peep hole around the center of her chestsort of.

Let's pretend we can understand what's going on with all this black fabric. The more important question should probably be, do we like it?

Sadly, no. There's way too much bagginess in above the waist, and the volume of the skirt below isn't helping. A color other than black or some form of embellishment might help break up the drab factor, but then we'd still be left with those super strange straps across the shoulders and chest.

Sorry, but there's no saving the look. Turns out if it doesn't make sense, it shouldn't be worn...

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