Dianna Agron


We realize the grocery store can be a dangerous place for a celeb like Dianna Agron. But if this is her idea of a perfect disguise, she's in even more trouble...

Yes, the trench coat look is common among stars trying to lay low, but not in the heat of summer! The Glee star sticks out like a sore thumb among the Angelinos in cut-off shorts and tank tops.

Tactic two: Giant sunglasses, a staple for stars trying to go incognito. And they would surely mask her very recognizable face...if they weren't heart shaped!

We suppose there's a chance Ms. Agron isn't trying to hide out and this is just what she chose to wear that day. In that case, things are even worse than we thought...

Tell us what you think of Dianna's disguse in the comments section!

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