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    Zooey Deschanel, Nicki Minaj and Lea Michele—The Best and Worst of the 2013 TCA Fox All-Star Party

    Nicki Minaj, Zooey Deschanel Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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    It's a weekday and the sun just rose in the east, which means that Lea Michele is wearing a miniskirt again. For last night's TCA party thrown by Fox, she wore it in neon yellow—which we'll get to below—handy for just those moments when a photographer is thinking about snapping someone else.

    So, what else can we take away from last night's parade of Fox faces? Let's take a look at the best and the worst. Starting with the best!

    Oh, look, here comes Jessica Chastain! Nap time!

    Hello, Nicki Minaj! We love seeing stars take risks, and for Minaj that meant the danger of being upstaged, thanks to her unusually subtle hair. The lace dress looks a tad funerary in combination, but those stompers are definitely giving us a shoegasm.

    And, yes, Zooey Deschanel made our Best category, even though she's leaning on the same twee look as ever. Yeah, she could've taken more of a risk in the shoe arena, but, look, at least the dress fits. Unlike that of...

    Mindy Kaling, Randy Jackson, Naya Rivera, J Woww, Lea Michele Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Scott Kirklan/Fox

    Poor Mindy Kaling, whose boobs deserve a more merciful tailor. She made our list of the Worst looks of the night, along with Randy Jackson, who wore little daisies on his shoes. They were so relentlessly cheery they almost made our scowl crack.

    Meanwhile, Naya Rivera clearly is not getting our memos about jumpsuits.

    Who's left? JWoww, who did not let a ho-hum jeans ensemble stop her from posing like a Miss Universe contestant on the Fox carpet. And we've already talked about Lea. No need to drag her out again until we need help hailing a cab.

    Everybody please look at Lea Michele before she starts throwing things