MAY 2, 8PM
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Nicki Minaj

Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

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Remember that movie Awakenings, when Robert De Niro played a catatonic man and Robin Williams gave him an experimental drug? Then De Niro woke up for a little bit and got together with Penelope Ann Miller, only to eventually revert to vegetable status in a tragic turn of movie events?

Now, see Nicki Minaj Observe the awakening she had over the weekend in her amazingly reasonable Monique Lhuillier and non-Barbie-colored hair. We will forever remember that brief period of humanity, before Minaj reverted, De Niro-style, back to her old rap toucan persona. We have a feeling that this time her Pepto look is here to stay. While the My Little Pony wig, which she wore for a Good Morning America appearance, probably won't be around for much longer.

Maybe we could slip some Dopamine into her frappuccinos. Or just remind her that Pink Friday came out, seriously, 2 years ago.

Unless we're all wrong. What say you, are you loving or hating this Pepto pink look?