MAY 2, 8PM
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Rita Ora

Courtesy: Tim Whitby/Getty Images for MTV, Josephine Santos,

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By now, the big trends for fall of 2012 should be pretty clear to any fashionista with a pulse and two eyes (brightened up with an eyelash curler, of course).

We're talking all-black ensembles and stuff that is see-through. Now, thanks to Rita Ora, we're onto a third fad—things crafted from doilies.

It seems that Rita has a thing for Alexandre Vauthier's lace peplum suits, because she's worn two of them in the same season. First in gold, then in red at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards.

We don't know how many doilies died so that Rita could look so awesome, but we thank them for their service.

Which color, if any, do you like in this top-to-toe lace suit?