Duchess Catherine, Kate Middleton


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Looks like Blake Lively has some competition in the flawless fashionista department. For, behold, we have yet another photo in an endless parade of shots showing Kate Middleton looking absolutely...effing...perfect. In yet another Alice Temperley, with still another second-skin fit.

Isn't there one shot of the princess out there with a rogue hair blowing the wrong way? A nipple-tastic wardrobe malfunction? A funnel skirt? A wedgie? A sneaky shot of her half-nak...never mind.

Our point: By now it's clear that Kate has a thing for tailored, lacy bodices and appropriate shoes, a look she wore yet again for an appearance in London the other day.

But, Kate, come on. It's starting to look a wee tad crusty, old girl. We're not saying you need to lose your pants on the middle of a red carpet. We're not saying you arrive at the Royal Ascot in a massive egg.

A real surprise every once in a while, however, is what makes a fashionista a fashionista. Otherwise you risk turning into Taylor Swift, and we wouldn't wish that kind of predictability on anybody.

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