Stecy Keibler, George Clooney

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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So, this is George Clooney and that lady he may or may not still be dating is still dating.

They're at the premiere of a new film he's produced, Argo. We could talk about her dress, and disclose that it's Vintage Alaia, and then make some pithy remark about her cute, strappy Zanottis. Or we could wonder aloud whether Stacy Keibler's Valentino clutch means that the designer likes her as much as he loves, loves, loves Anne Hathaway.

But that would be irresponsible, because right now none of that matters. What matters is that these people may or may not have broken up, OK?

Is it important that Keibler is wearing Neil Lane jewels when she might be weeping on the inside? No, no it is not.

Not even diamonds can replace the love of el Clooney.

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