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We are outraged, just outraged, at the insensitivity that celebrities are showing toward nature's delicate balance.

It's no longer enough to wear top-to-toe hamster fur like Lady Gaga. Now stars are putting entire animal faces on their clothes. Just, like, ripping a whole kitten face off of a kitten head and putting it on a pair of shoes. It's like Katy Perry wanted to make the PETA people implode on themselves in outrage.

And now comes Taylor Swift, who's clearly cruising for a date with a can of spray paint in her own set of feline-faced footwear.

OK, this just in: We're told those aren't real cat faces on those shoes. Fine. But on behalf of the entire plush stuffed animal community, we are utterly offended. If you need to send an indignant letter, it looks like these flats are by Charlotte Olympia.

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