Brenda Song

V Labissiere / Splash News

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Brenda Song, the former star of Disney's The Suite Life on Deck, stepped out in Los Angeles earlier this week in a T-shirt that was kind of reminiscent of the Nazi swastika symbol.

It wasn't really a swastika, of course, because every time a Disney kid wears a real swastika a fairy loses its wings. In fact, it looks like the Fendi logo in there. But the red square, white circle and bold black lettering clearly harken back to the days of the Luftwaffe.

We're totally offended—by those boots. Seriously, just looking at them tosses us back to a certain Billy Squier concert circa 1985. You know, the one co-starring Ratt and Lita Ford? Don't act all ignorant. You were totally there for the stadium show in Jersey.

Anyway, somebody please pay attention to Brenda before she starts dressing like Miley Cyrus.

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