Ginnifer Goodwin

Greg Tidwell,

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Here's why we love former Big Love actress Ginnifer Goodwin and why you should too, starting immediately:

1. She has short hair. So few American women wear their hair that way, because—ahem—their husbands would lose their minds and crawl into a corner and rock back and forth until we caved and got extensions.

2. That big, wide lovable punkinhead of hers. Sweet sassy molassy, we just wanna squeeze those cheeks. (On her face, you pervs.)

3. Her choice in sleeves—as in, she wears dresses with them. Too many Hollywood dingbats forego dresses with sleeves for reasons we cannot fathom. Goodwin, meanwhile, wears unexpected numbers like this forest green French Connection dress with Choo heels, no accessories and she looks awesome while doing so.

Ergo and in conclusion: Nobody in Hollywood is dressing like Ginnifer right now. That means that she actually has a signature style, unlike the legions of starlets out there who just throw on a random McQueen or Gucci and think that's a signature look. It's not.

You keep doing your thing, Ginnifer, and no matter how much whining your man does, do not get those extensions, babe.

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