Kesha, Ke$ha

Jeff Steinberg,

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Tassel whip: Check. Bullet holster: Check. Bodysuit for no discernible reason: Check. A solid layer of road dust: Check.

Looks like somebody is ready to hit the Thunderdome!

Or, at least, the set of her new video. But if Ke$ha is smart, the video will totally have a giant fighting cage in it, and Tina Turner in chainmail shoulder pads, backup dancers in S&M masks and mohawks, and Mel Gibson looking all hot before he went totally crazy and hated all the Jews.

The name of the new track? "Die Young." Yikes. Sounds like somebody might be doomed to perish...Beyond Thunderdome.

Signed, the Fashion Police team.

P.S. Ke$ha says she once had sex with a the Thunderdome.

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