Alessandra Ambrosio

Gaz Shirley,

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Do nearly perfect abs count as an accessory?

Like, do supermodels just wake up in the morning, catwalk over to their armoires, open the double doors wide and say, "Today, do I wear zee perfect abs or zee amay-zingk abs?"

Because that's the vibe that Alessandra Ambrosio is throwing off as she leaves a yoga workout in Los Angeles—she's off the clock, but she's modeling, all right. Behold one sports bra, one pair of workout shorts that may or may not double as men's briefs, and one set of abs designed by, oh, we don't know, Versace. Or Balmain, or something.

Overall, it may look like the 31-year-old isn't wearing much, but remember that Ambrosio is from Brazil, a land in which bikinis count as formal wear.

Also, because we're a fashion site, we need to say this: Boy, is that hottie rockin' that post-baby bod!

Carry on.

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