Lea Michele

Charley Gallay/Getty Images for NYLON Magazine

Oh, Lea Michele. You know those VIP areas where celebrities always hide out behind curtains and velvet ropes?

There's a reason for all that secrecy: Mermaids.

There are mermaids back in VIP. Only really famous, rich people get to hang with ‘em, and only incredibly successful musical-sitcom stars get to actually party with ‘em. The downside comes when one of those sea sirens has a bit too much whale milk, or whatever the hell they drink, and barfs all over a dress.

Which is, we suppose, what happened to the Glee gal. It's the only explanation we have for this Naeem Kahn dress, which the actress wore for the launch of the November issue of Nylon magazine on Saturday.

As an abstract concept—floor length, watercolor print, one sleeve, matching sash—we ain't mad at it. But something seems to have gotten lost between concept and execution. Maybe the look would've been cleaner with a sleek updo, or a shorter silhouette.

Stylists alter hemlines all the time for their VIP clients. Maybe, in Lea's case, that stylist was a mermaid who's nursing a serious hangover this morning.

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