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Lady Gaga

Gotcha Images / Splash News

It's been a whole three minutes since anybody paid attention to Lady Gaga, so she's wearing a wedding dress.

And in case somebody else might be wearing a wedding dress right now, Gaga's also wearing a tiara.

And in case there's some other bitch out there sporting a wedding dress and a tiara at this very moment, the Lady is also rocking a topknot crafted from Saran Wrap and Elton John's well wishes. Take that, Nicki Minaj.

The occasion? The 2012 Paralympic Games afterparty, held at the Arts Club in London over the weekend.

For the record, the singer is in town for a fresh leg of her Born This Way Ball Tour. Something tells us that we're going to remember that for quite some least, until Gaga emerges in Antwerp wearing a quinceañera gown and a turban.

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