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    Subliminal Fashion: Pippa Middleton Channels Dr. Seuss and Rihanna Dresses Like a Can of Iced Tea

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    Pippa Middleton, Dr. Seuss
    Pippa Middleton, Dr. Seuss Richard Young/Rex/Rex USA/BEImages
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    Look, we get it—your fashion muse can come in all shapes and sizes.

    Here at Fashion Police, our way of appeasing the style gods comes in the form of a small Victoria Beckham shrine we keep at the foot of our bed and feed a piece of cabbage every two hours. It's not practical, but then again, what great fashion is?

    While celebs like Pippa Middleton and Rihanna take a different approach, and by that we mean wearing their idols on their sleeves.

    Check out Pippa Middleton's book launch style!

    Rihanna, AriZona Iced Tea Instagr.am

    We mean that quite plainly. Case in point: The royalist sister of them all, Pippa, earlier this week at a book launch in a brightly-patterned, ‘70s-esque dress that we couldn't help but feel familiar about. Then we remembered a little literary nugget called Oh, the Places You'll Go! By the brilliant Dr. Seuss and we realized what was happening.

    It's the same feeling that washed over us during Ri-Ri's interview with Oprah Winfrey, when the mere sight of her teal maxi-dress with pink blossoms gave us an unquenchable thirst for AriZona Iced Tea.

    See what Rihanna told Oprah about Chris Brown!

    What could this all mean? Are Ri-Ri and Pippa trying to sway us to their respective literary and soft drink sides? Is this a new trend in celeb style? Or, horror among horrors, does it mean absolutely nothing at all?

    We can't be too sure, but what we do know is this: It's been 2 hours and it's time for Mrs. David Beckham's feeding.

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