Nicole Snooki Polizzi, Twit Pic

Fun scientific fact: The world's smallest whale is believed to be the dwarf sperm whale, which can be found anywhere from Japan to Canada to South Africa and only reaches about 9 feet in length.

But now comes breaking biological news that an even tinier sea mammal has emerged on Twitter—that is, if you believe Snooki, who claims to be a "pregnant whale" at just under 5 feet tall and about 8 months pregnant.

For the record, Snickers looks pretty compact from where we're sitting, chilling in a red "Love" tee and cozy-looking cardi for a self-portrait. The only really huge things are her trademark false eyelashes and equally long nails.

The reality star added this warning to her fiance, "Oh god I'm feeling like a witch today. Watch out @JLaValle, I will hurt you."

Guess that makes her a killer whale?

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