NOV. 27, 8PM
Rihanna, Twit Pic

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At first we thought this must be one of those girls Ryan Lochte partied with in London the other day—alcohol on the inside, bra on the outside, are we right, ladies?

But then, at the risk of our own venereal health, we took a closer took. Red lips. Body chain. A bucket—literally—of drink. Polka-dot-bikini-bra hybrid grown in Katy Perry's secret evil fashion lab.

We should have known. Hi, Rihanna!

Rihanna, Twit Pic

The "Where Have You Been" singer is (supposedly) on vacation in her native Barbados, partying with the locals. But her one-woman publicity barrage continues apace.

RiRi posted this and other photos on her Twitter page, with captions like "You're jealous" and "Me being me." She also gave us an inside look at her own interpretation of a baseball uniform with a wide-open, striped jersey, Trapstar cap and Jacquie Aiche body chain.

We'd love to see her take on a fencing uniform.

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