Jessica Szohr, Olivia Palermo

David X. Prutting/BFAnyc/Sipa USA; Splash News

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Our left eye just started twitching, so let's get this post out of the way right quick.

Those are a couple of busy outfits—yes they are! It's like Jessica Szohr and Olivia Palermo woke up one morning, leapt out of bed and cried, "Let's dress like the inside of Nicki Minaj's mind!" and then threw on some stuff.

As for who exactly is responsible for that sweater, we have the scoop—if you've taken your meds this morning, that is.

The V-neck, better known as the Sunset Top, is by Rebecca Minkoff. (Maybe the sun sets in wasabi green where Minkoff lives.) As for Szohr's pimp hat or Palermo's ostrich skin purse and ivory belt combo, we can't help you.

So, you tell us: Who wore it better? Or are you too busy shielding your eyes?

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Which pretty young thing wore their Minkoff to the max?
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