Hayden Panettiere


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Remember the indestructible cheerleader from that show? You know, the one where people were persecuted for being amazing, and Mr. Spock wasn't Mr. Spock yet but just a young super villain with a unibrow who ate other people's superpowers for his super-breakfast?

Yeah, we wish we didn't remember Heroes either. But thank you, Hayden Panettiere, for resurfacing to remind us that TV once had a show where a kid could talk to machines.

One positive thing has come out of this ugly incident, though...

We like that black bikini, which the girl is wearing for, as we understand it, a vacation with her buddies. The actress took to a puffy floating raft for a bit of relaxation in Egypt, where she soaked in the sun before—we assume—hitting the 2012 Teen Choice Awards this past weekend.

What do you think of Hayden's bikini bod? Tell us below!

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