Lana Del Rey, Jaime King

David Tonnessen,

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Lana Del Rey has called herself the "gangsta Nancy Sinatra."

Now she's moved onto another persona: Pimp Priscilla Presley, complete with a fresh-from-the-sticks street angel who looks a lot like Jaime King.

Oh wait, actually that is Jaime...

The 25-year-old singer palled around with the model-turned-actress outside the El Rey theater in Los Angeles, where Del Rey also debuted her new song, "Body Electric."

We do love Del Rey's hair, which is evocative of Elvis' child bride, though we're never really crazy about fur. We also have no explanation for King's Cray-Pas eye makeup, lamp tassel earrings or that bustier-blazer mash-up.

But maybe that's just what the johns are into these days—only Lana knows for sure.

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