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Some stars have so much money that they can buy dresses that double as glider suits.

Take this Top Shop dress, for example. Whenever Kate Bosworth wears it she doesn't have to drive. Instead she leaps from a skyscraper and glides to her chosen destination in total safety, if not high style...

The Red Band actress wore the frock recently while running errands around Los Angeles. We would not have paired such a busy neckline with any necklace, much less this one, which we hear is from Jewelmint.

For the record, a dropped sleeve like this can be fine if you have shoulders like Cindy Crawford or a small butte in the Grand Canyon. Bosworth, while ridiculously pretty, does not fall into either category.

We're also not crazy about the Robin Hood shoes, which are from Isabel Marant. Then again, maybe they double as flight boots?

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