Jennie Garth's still got it.

The soon-to-be divorced actress appears on E!'s Fashion Police (airing Friday) and someone from the audience seemed to enjoy her presence...and her skinny jeans.

Confused? We'll explain.

"What's the one thing that she says you look good in and you go 'No I don't'?" Joan Rivers asked Garth in reference to the star's stylist.

"It used to be skinny pants," she responded. "We had a big skinny pants moment, yeah, where we would argue about that, but now I'm a little bit more comfortable. I've been working out and feeling better about my body."

That's when a man gives a loud catcall (get it, girl!).

"Exactly. Obviously nothing to worry about. That was the one straight man in our audience," Joan joked.

And Jennie gives the guy a "call me" signal.

Watch for yourself!

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