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    Another Escapee Goes Home, A Former Flame Stops By, Shocking Betrayals and More—See the Escape Club Recap!

    EC Recap, EP 105

    With his love P'etra Davis gone, Aundre Dean now has to survive Escape Club on his own—and he isn't happy about it! He has vowed to get revenge against Jesse Blum, whom he holds responsible.

    Jesse's roommates are pissed off that he betrayed them by voting one of their own off, so they start to throw his items out of the room. In order to retrieve his stuff, Jesse goes to Aundre's room to talk.

    Aundre reminds Jesse that he was the only one who stuck up for him, and although Jesse apologizes, Aundre hasn't completely forgiven him.

    The next morning, Whitney Coulas, Andrew Dean and Aundre discover Jesse's journal and read about his secrets and plans for winning!

    EC Recap, EP 105

    Later that afternoon, the escapees go for a dip in a beautiful swimming hole located amidst caves. The only ones who aren't having fun are Aundre, Whitney and Andrew, who don't want to swim with the others.

    Aundre also has a confrontation with Donny Ghilardi, whom Aundre considers the ringleader. The two share a heated exchange and narrowly avoid getting into a fight!

    Back at the house, a woman shows up looking for Aundre. This is his reaction once he finds out who it is:

    EC Recap, EP 105

    It ends up being Ty, Aundre's ex-girlfriend, who he broke up with a week before coming to the resort. Awkward!

    Donny and Lisa Baldassarre immediately befriend Ty with the hopes of getting information about Aundre. Lisa tells Ty about Aundre's relationship with P'etra in order to get a reaction out of her.

    Everyone leaves Ty and Aundre alone to talk, and she reminds him that he's come to win the great escape and that he can't allow some little spring break fling to sidetrack him.

    The two end up going on a walk afterwards...

    EC Recap, EP 105

    Ty encourages Aundre to stop acting out and treating the others poorly. Aundre recognizes that she is the only girl who ever truly understood him and even though they broke up, he admits that he still has feelings for her.

    They join the others at the pool for drinks, and immediately everyone notices a big difference in Aundre's behavior.

    EC Recap, EP 105

    Later on, Meagan walks in on Aundre and his ex taking a shower together, but instead of putting them on blast, she decides to keep the information to herself because she thinks it's going to come in handy later on...

    The next morning, the boat comes to take Ty away. She and Aundre share a final kiss before her departure. Aundre behins to wonder if she is the person he's supposed to be with...

    EC Recap, EP 105

    Whitney and Andrew kept their distance while Ty was visiting, and it kind of hurts Aundre's feelings that his "friends" wouldn't try to get to know someone that he is close to.

    Later, Donny and Lisa pull Jesse aside and tell him that he has to vote Whitney off in order to prove his loyalty to them because they're concerned that he may team up with her later on. Jesse is in a predicament because he promised Whitney that he would never vote her off...

    Meagan also gets into a heated argument with Andrew, calling him "two-faced" for reading Jesse's journal...

    EC Recap, EP 105

    Suddenly Aundre makes a startling confession to the camera: he was only pretending to be friends with Lisa's group, he staged a fight with Andrew in front of everyone to trick them into thinking that they were enemies, and now he's trying to get Jesse to join his team so that they can vote Donny off!

    EC Recap, EP 105

    It's time for the elimination dinner!

    Jesse starts drawing the names out of the bucket and it comes to a tie between Whitney and Donny...until the last name is drawn to reveal that Whitney is going home!

    Andrew then shocks everyone by announcing that he is going home too!

    Before he has the chance to leave with Whitney, Andrew is stopped by Aundre, who tries to talk him out of leaving. Aundre reminds Andrew that he saved him from going home before and that he promised he would help Aundre in any way he could. Looks like Andrew has a big decision to make...

    EC Recap, EP 105

    Andrew then goes and talks to Whitney, explaining that he really cares about her but he has to keep his promise to Aundre.

    He takes Whitney down to the boat and they share one last kiss before she leaves.

    EC Recap, EP 105

    While Andrew is sad that his hookup is gone, others are celebrating!

    EC Recap, EP 105

    To be continued...

    Tune-in for an all-new episode of Escape Club next Tuesday at 8/7c on E!

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