On Escape Club, you never know who is going to be sent home...and in the most recent elimination round, Matt Heagy is the unlucky one who has to head back to reality!

But Meagan Reedy is hit the hardest by Matt's sudden departure and loses her cool in the ultimate freakout!

"Matt was the first relationship I've had in a long time," she explains to the camera. "And now he's gone. I can't believe P'etra would do this to me!"

Stunned by the unexpected betrayal on former friend P'etra Davis' part, Meagan is ready for war.

"I hate her!" she exclaims to Donny Ghilardi and Lisa Baldassarre. "I hate her and I want to kill her!"

Will Meagan ever forgive P'etra or is this the beginning of war? Watch the above clip to see Meagan's full-on explosion!

Tune-in for an all-new Escape Club this Tuesday, July 1 at 8/7c!

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