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    Eric Decker and Jessie James Decker Welcome Their New Baby Girl Vivianne Rose—See the Eric & Jessie Season Finale Recap!

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    Sadly, this Sunday marked the season finale of Eric & Jessie: Game On. (We want more new episodes, now!)

    This episode was all about new beginnings with Eric Decker getting signed to the New York Jets and Jessie James giving birth to their new baby girl, Vivianne Rose.

    So in case you missed the episode or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full pic/gif recap!

    Jessie is doing well and ready to finally give birth to baby Vivianne and she really wants to speed up the process.

    The doctor told her many different ways to possibly induce labor, which include: pineapple juice, sitting on a bouncy ball, sexual intercourse and...nipple stimulation.

    Eric is ready to help!

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    But before they start that whole "process," Jessie has a surprise for Eric. She takes him into his office and pulls up a song she recorded a few weeks earlier with her friend Alyssa.

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    It's called "Mama Wrote You A Lullaby" and it's a song to their baby girl.

    Eric loves it and gets emotional while listening.

    Jessie's so happy he likes it and they share a cute moment.

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    Eric still doesn't know where or if he's going to get signed to another NFL team and that means they don't know where they're going as a family.

    It's coming down to the wire and the lease is almost up on their home.

    They start packing and hope they find out soon!

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    And like clockwork, Eric receives a call from his agent that a team is interested in him and would like to have a meeting.

    He flies to New York and after a long night of discussions and negotiations, he signs a deal.

    Eric is now officially a player for the New York Jets!

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    At home, he tells Jessie the good news and she's ecstatic!

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    Now that they know where they're moving and their future is secure, it's time to have a baby!

    With a quick smooch, they start packing up some of their stuff to go to the hospital...

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    Jessie admits she has a sense of calmness about the whole thing but the minute they get into the car to go, she gets overwhelmed with emotion.

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    She's nervous, excited and can't believe it's all happening right now. She reveals she doesn't know what it's going to feel like with her baby out of her belly but admits she's excited to bring her into the world.

    With a final kiss, they head into the hospital to deliver miss Vivianne Rose!

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    They get all settled in and start drawing Jessie's blood and get her connected to the IV.

    The nurse hands Eric a couple vials of her blood, to save with the umbilical cord later, and he immediately gets woozy.

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    He admits he's not good around blood and his face goes pale.

    All of Jessie's family laughs that a big, strong NFL player is so sensitive about that stuff and he laughs it off too.

    But he gets on the ground just in case...

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    Jessie's labor pains start to increase and Eric supports her as much as possible.

    She's glad to have her family there with her as her labor progresses.

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    Karen, Jessie's momma, starts to get emotional as she sits and watches her daughter deal with the pain.

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    Hours go by and the rest of the family try and find ways to pass the time.

    Sydney, Jessie's sister, and Karen do lunges in the hallway, while Eric gets up close and personal with the camera...

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    Even more hours pass and the delivery is not going as planned.

    The doctor says that it's taking too long and Jessie's body is not preparing for the baby properly.

    He advises that she undergoes a C-section to deliver Vivianne.

    Jessie agrees to the procedure but it becomes too much for Eric and he gets emotional.

    He's worrying about his wife and their child.

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    The doctors wheel Jessie off to surgery and the family follows...

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    And without complication, they deliver Vivianne Rose and we see the beautiful family holding their new baby girl!

    Isn't she adorable?!

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    Eric says he has his own little wolf pack now and they're so happy to be a family.

    They've been through a lot these past nine months and they're so glad it's come to this moment.

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

    Eric's signed to a new team, they're moving to New Jersey and now they have a baby in their lives!

    Time to start this thing we call life.

    E&J Recap, EP 206 Finale

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