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    Eric Decker and Jessie James Rush to the Hospital After Early Labor Symptoms—See the Full Eric & Jessie Recap!

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    On this Sunday's Eric & Jessie: Game On, Eric Decker heads to Daddy Boot Camp, Jessie James gets her weekly checkup and Sydney gets super close with Demaryius Thomas.

    In case you missed the episode or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full pic/gif recap!

    Jessie admits she's a worrywart and likes to get ultrasounds on a weekly basis.

    Now that Eric's home, she likes to have this time with him and get important updates on their baby girl, Vivianne Rose.

    In the waiting room, Jessie talks about her body changes and Eric chimes in with this gem...

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    Jessie does not want to be compared to a snowman!

    He apologizes and admits that he's still super attracted to her. He likes her new curves and wants her to embrace her new, sexy body.

    The cute couple head in to get the ultrasound and they get the report that everything is looking good!

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    Back at the Decker house, Eric's good buddy Demaryius Thomas (DT) comes over and starts chatting with Sydney.

    Sydney reveals that she and her boyfriend have broken up and they joke about being each other's "backup."

    They start to get a little cozy...

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    And then Syd admits something we've never known before!

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    Ohhh snap!

    So now we know she and DT are close, kissing friends.

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    Syd and DT head to the kitchen where Eric and Jessie ask what they've been up to.

    They all laugh about how they were getting super close but Eric doesn't think they'll ever kiss.

    Challenge accepted!

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    The next day, Eric gets a call from his agent about where he might be playing next season.

    Eric's a free agent and they don't know which team he'll be playing for next year.

    It's still very much up in the air and the suspense is making Jessie really nervous.

    Eric thanks her for always being by his side and reaffirms that it's only going to be a little longer.

    Things need to hurry up though because the baby could come at any minute!

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    Speaking of baby, Eric admits that he doesn't know much about taking care of an infant, so he signs up for a day at Daddy Boot Camp.

    DT and expectant father, Wesley Woodyard, accompany him to the training camp.

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    Fathers are there with their own babies to help the expectant fathers get a true hands-on experience.

    They slowly start getting introduced to the babies while learning the lessons of fatherhood.

    It's super adorable to see these huge NFL players hold these adorable little bundles of terror joy!

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    Things are going really well until one baby starts crying and then the whole room is filled with the screams of newborns.

    It looks like Eric's handling it pretty well though!

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    While the guys are dealing with wailing babies, Veronica (Wes's wife) and Jessie are having a nice ladies day out.

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    After a little while, Eric, Wes and DT get the babies under control and adorableness commences!

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    Look how cute he is!!

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    Once the boot camp class is over, Eric heads home to reply to some fan mail.

    He says if he can make a kid/fan's day, that's all that matters.

    So nice to see how much he cares!

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    The next morning, Jessie wakes up with some cramping and abdominal pain.

    She admits that something doesn't feel right, so Eric takes her to the doctor.

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    After getting checked out, they realize she's having contractions and the doctor thinks it's a good idea to head to the hospital.

    Vivianne Rose is a big baby which might be causing her body to think it's ready to deliver, even though her due date is still a ways away.

    Eric helps with her coat and they get ready to go!

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    Off to the hospital!

    E&J Recap, EP 205

    Vivianne Rose is coming!

    Tune-in next Sunday at 10/9c for the season finale of Eric & Jessie: Game On!

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