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    Eric Decker Plans Major Surprise for Pregnant Wife Jessie James Decker—See the Full Eric & Jessie Recap!

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    On this Sunday's Eric & Jessie: Game On, Eric Decker and Jessie James prepare for the arrival of their new baby girl, Vivianne Rose.

    In case you missed the episode or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full pic/gif recap!

    Now that Eric's football season is over, they can focus on getting the baby room ready and put more time into their relationship.

    They now have a lot more time to be "intimate" and Eric shares this gem...

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    Be sure to add that to his stats. Eric Decker: Butt Man.

    They're going through a bunch of baby stuff together and it's adorable.

    Jessie is happy to have her man back.


    E&J Recap, EP 204

    The beautiful country star heads downstairs and speaks to her sister Sydney about the status of her relationship.

    Syd has been seeing a young gentleman but it has not been working out.

    Jessie asks about it and Sydney immediately bursts into tears.

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    Jessie gives some good sisterly advice and tells her it's time to move on. She's young and she'll find somebody that fits her much better.

    As this cute moment is happening downstairs, Denver Broncos player Demaryius Thomas (DT) comes over and helps Eric put together a baby crib.

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    They both get confused with the directions and it's taking a while to complete the task.

    The crib is finally done but something's strange about it. A changing table is literally connected to the bed/crib area.

    Jessie comes out of the shower and checks their handy work...

    She's not having it.

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    Eric gets a kiss from Jessie and she tells him they're going to take this one back. They're going to get the crib that they both picked out from the catalog. Oops!

    Jessie's songwriting partner, Alyssa, comes over to help write a lullaby for her new EP.

    But first, time for some baking and belly showin'!

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    Even though Jessie's pregnancy has been rough so far, she's still the goofy woman we know and love.

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    Alyssa and Jessie start writing together and you can tell they have great chemistry.

    They're writing verses, harmonizing and the song sounds beautiful!

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    After the song is complete, one of Eric's teammates, Wesley Woodyard, comes over with his expecting wife and they have a baby swaddling competition.

    Wes says he knows everything about caring for a baby and Jess tells him to prove it!

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    He gets off to a bad start but finally swaddles the stuffed animals they're wrapping up.

    Eric starts his baby swaddling with extra care...

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    And he actually wins! He beats Wes' time and does a better job at wrapping that "baby" up.

    Jessie rewards him with a kiss!

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    Jessie has some girl talk time with Wes' wife and shows off her growing belly.

    She jokes that it looks like she's having twins. She's ready to pop!

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    And finally, it's time for Eric's big surprise...

    He realizes that during football season he has to be really selfish and that can take time away from their important relatonship. The NFL star admits that he wants to make it up to her and celebrate where they're at in their life.

    Eric heads upstairs and surprises Jessie with two white roses.

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    He leads her downstairs and brings her to the dining room...

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    Eric lets her open her eyes and she finds out that he hired their own personal chef for the night!

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    She's going to cook them a Lousiana, southern style six course meal and Jessie is ecstatic.

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    They have a great dinner full of laughter and end it with a kiss and mention that they're going to "take it upstairs..."

    Ow ow!

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    Jessie's so glad to have her man back and that they're able to be romantic again.

    We're so happy to see them together!

    E&J Recap, EP 204

    The preview for next week's episode looks like Jessie's going into labor...

    Tune-in next Sunday at 10/9c for an all-new episode of Eric & Jessie: Game On!

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