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    Eric Decker and Jessie James Married on Season Finale of Eric & Jessie: Game On—See the Full Recap!

    In case you missed Sunday night's hour-long season finale of Eric & Jessie: Game On or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full pic/gif recap!

    There's one week until Eric Decker and Jessie James' wedding and tons of friends are coming over to celebrate the big day.

    Eric and Jessie are just like us normal folk, and they're seen out shopping for some party supplies.

    What's not like us normal folk, is that Eric sees a full size cardboard cutout of himself in one of the aisles.

    Jessie decides to "inspect" it...

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    But before the big get together, Jessie decides to have a sexy boudoir photo shoot for Eric's wedding day gift.

    Her plan is to create a book of sexy pics to surprise him with on their wedding day.

    Do you think he's going to like it?

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    We think he's going to like it...

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    He's seriously going to like it.

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    Jessie comes back to the house and grills Eric on what he got her for her wedding day gift.

    Eric says she's just going to have to wait and see and he doesn't want to tell her and ruin the surprise.

    He hasn't even picked anything yet.

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    Jessie's done grilling and leaves him with a violent kiss.

    It hurts in the best way.

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    Eric heads to the gym to workout and do some brainstorming.

    We're so glad he did...

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    Sydney (Jessie's sister) comes in and helps Eric think of some gift ideas. She suggests some sentimental jewelry and Eric digs the idea.

    He heads to a jewelry place with his Denver Broncos teammate, Demaryius Thomas, and the find something they both think she'll love!

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    Meanwhile, back at the house, Sydney tells Jessie and her friends that she's seeing this new boy, Tim.

    They all freak out and grill her with questions about him. Jessie starts making fun of her and asks if she's going to sleep with him soon.

    Sydney bites back with a snarky reply:

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    The girls all go out but are surprised when Eric shows up to see his bride-to-be.

    They end up seriously making out at a table in the bar.

    We'd definitely be judging if it wasn't Eric and Jessie.

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    The next day, Jessie heads into the studio to record her new song, "I Do."

    It's a song she wrote about her love for Eric and how much he means to her.

    She sounds amazing.

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    Jessie and the producer listen to the track and it gets them emotional.

    We even started tearing up.

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    It's finally the day of the wedding and all of the girls are getting ready together.

    But before they put on the final touches, Jessie gives out presents to her bridemaids.

    Jessie gives her mom a diamond ring to thank her for helpng her plan the wedding and all that she has done for her.

    It was an emotional moment and the ring is beautiful!

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    Jessie opens the gift Eric got for her and she loves it!

    It's a large gold band with their birthdays, signs, phrases and other sayings that mean a lot to their relationship.

    She's blown away by the thoughtfulness.

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    Back at the house, Eric opens his gift and is blown away in a totally different way.

    He likes what he sees... (called it!)

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    After all the gifts have been given and the suits and dresses have been put on, it's time for the big event.

    The guests are seated, everything's in place and the ceremony is about to start.

    The beautiful couple is about to be married!

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    Jessie starts to walk down the aisle and we immediately lose it.

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    Eric does too...

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    The wedding is beautiful and there's not a dry eye in the church.

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    The ceremony comes to a close and the moment we've all been waiting for!

    Husband and wife! Eric gets to kiss his bride!

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    They exit the church with bubbles flying in the air and head to the reception.

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    We thought we were done crying but then Jessie starts performing "I Do" and we lose it again.

    It's a great performance and Eric ends up loving the song.

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    The celebrations eventually die down and Eric and Jessie are ready to go do their own celebrating...

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

    The amazing couple are now officially married!

    Jessie married her prince, Eric is with his soulmate and they're off to live happily ever after.

    A picture perfect ending.

    Eric & Jessie, Finale

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