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    Eric Decker Vacations With Jessie James and Has a Sexy Photo Shoot—See the Full Recap!

    In case you missed Sunday night's episode of Eric & Jessie: Game On or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full pic/gif recap!

    It's an early morning and country pop singer, Jessie James, and her sister, Sydney, sip on some coffee and talk Syd's love life.

    There's a guy named Matthias who Jessie is trying to get Sydney to date but she's not having it.

    Sydney says there's no connection there but Jessie suggests she should at least try...

    Jessie heads upstairs to chat with her fiance, Denver Broncos star Eric Decker, and plays him a beautiful tune.

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    We love when Jessie sings!

    She sings about her love for him and it's seriously one of the most adorable things we've ever seen.

    Eric tells Jessie that he's been booked for a photo shoot with DuJour magazine and they're heading to the Dominican Republic for the shoot!

    Jessie's excited for the romantic getaway and mentions to Eric that he can work on his tan lines...


    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    They fly down to the island and check out their view from the hotel.

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    It's literally paradise!

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    The sexy power couple head to the driving range to practive their swing and Jessie gets off to a rough start.

    She keeps missing the ball and Eric, being the supportive fiance that he is, comes over and tries to help her out.

    That's the worst decision he could have ever made...

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    He nearly dies.

    They laugh about it, Jessie grinds up on him and then everything's ok.

    But they're done golfing for now.

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    Jessie heads back to the hotel while Eric goes to wardrobe to get fitted for his photo shoot.

    They say the Dominican Republic can get pretty hot at times, but we're pretty sure Mr. Decker just broke a heat record...

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    Let's take some time to enjoy this special moment.

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103


    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    Sorry...we got distracted there a bit.

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    And then Jessie steps out in this...

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    Why are they doing this to us?!

    Jessie calls her sister to check on their dogs and to see if Sydney has met anyone while they've been away.

    Sydney says no but Jessie's not giving up. She's going to find her a man!

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    Eric's photo shoot is going really well and he looks so handsome.

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    He even looks great in this strange getup!

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    Jessie says it looks like he dressed himself. Ouch.

    But hey, at least she's being honest.

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    Jessie joins the shoot and they decide to have a little fun on a golf cart.

    Aren't they adorable?

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    It goes to commercial and then comes back with this hilarious transition.

    Looks like Syd needs some help with this dance!

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    Speaking of Sydney, she finallys agrees to a double date with Matthias, Eric and Jessie.

    They all decide to go bowling and we finally meet the infamous Matthias.

    Oh and here's a correct pronunciation of his name, in case you were confused (we were)...

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    Eric throws the ball for a beautiful strike, while Sydney's not too into the whole bowling thing...

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    The date gets off to a rough start with Sydney being very standoffish and as Jessie describes it, "rude".

    They all keep commenting on Sydney's pigtails and she's getting frustrated.

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    We thought it wasn't very nice of Sydney to not give Matthias a chance, but then he said this...

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103


    The date ended quickly and there definitely was not a goodnight kiss.

    The next morning, Jessie asks Sydney how she thought the date went and she got an expected reply. Terrible.

    Jess decides to give Sydney a tarot card reading. Jessie reveals that she has "the gift" and says she got it from her mother and grandmother.

    Sydney pulls out three random cards. It doesn't look good...

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    She drew The Devil, a demon and some other card we know nothing about. (Tarot cards were never in Harry Potter, so we don't know what's going on...)

    We'll just assume it's bad... Oh no!

    Eric & Jessie, EP 103

    Jess says that Sydney must be thinking about sex and that she feels confined and pressured into it.

    The episode ends with Sydney worrying, but Jessie laughs it off and says it's a good idea that Sydney is saving herself for marriage.


    Next Sunday, Eric and Jessie have their bachelor and bachelorette parties! Looks exciting!

    Check next week for another full recap!

    Tune-in next Sunday at 10/9c for an all NEW episode of Eric & Jessie: Game On!

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