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    Eric Decker and Jessie James Turn Up the Heat in Eric & Jessie: Game On Season Premiere—See the Full Recap!

    In case you missed Sunday night's season premiere of Eric & Jessie: Game On or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full pic/gif recap!

    As the show starts, we start getting nervous and giddy to see our favorite sexy couple hit the TV...

    We're introduced to NFL star Eric Decker and we learn some interesting facts about him. He had a breakout year last year as a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos. He was second in the league for touchdown receptions! That's really good!

    Then, we're introduced to the beautiful Jessie James. She's a country pop singer and her song "Wanted" hit the Billboard Hot 100 in 2009.

    They're one sexy couple, recently engaged and about to get married in a couple months.

    We get to tag along for the ride!

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    It's morning time in the Decker and James household and Eric is cooking some breakfast.

    He's making pancakes and used chocolate chips to put smiley faces in them!

    How flippin' adorable!

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    He brings all the food upstairs and surprises Jessie with breakfast in bed!

    We're jealous already...

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    She asks him what the special occasion is and he says, "Just cause I love you."

    Jessie gives him a couple of kisses and asks him to propose again.

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    The couple have been engaged for a few months now but Jessie reveals that she asks him to propose to her again at least once a month.

    It's making us feel all mushy inside!

    Plus, look at one of their cute pups!

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    STOP WITH THE CUTENESS! (But don't really...)

    Jessie decides to show off her goofy side by putting some chocolate on her teeth and testing her soon-to-be husband...

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    The engaged couple just bought a house together and it is gorgeous!

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    Jessie's sister, Sydney, is over helping them unpack and Jessie admits that Sydney is her best friend.

    They were a military family growing up and they have always been there for one another.

    We see some cute pictures of them growing up together. Look how cute they were!

    Eric & Jessie, 101
    Eric & Jessie, 101

    Eric and Jessie literally moved in only a few days ago and they've got a lot of unpacking to do...

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    Jessie is goofing around while Eric is trying to get things done and get as much done as they can.

    Because of Eric's profession, as a NFL player, life is always changing and he never knows where he'll end up, team wise.

    He may get traded, dropped, picked up somewhere else and most of it is out of his control.

    That unknown can be pretty rough when you're about to get married and start a family.

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    Especially if you plan on having kids. And by the sound of it, Eric wants that to start happening soon...

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    (Doesn't that make him even more attractive?!)

    While Sydney is helping unpack, she brings over some balls. Not a basketball, not a baseball, and not even a football.

    She literally brings over a jar of testicles...

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    They're from their neutered, one-year-old Golden RetrieverJake LaDuke Decker.

    Eric said he saved them because, "you never take a man's balls from him."

    Alrighty then...

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    And then, we learn some more about the happy couple...

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    (She meant his footballs, right? Because she's so bad at playing? That's why he laughs?)

    As they're cleaning and unpacking, Jessie is wiping down the counter when she squirts the cleaner in her mouth!

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    Sydney and Eric both freak out and Jessie starts laughing.

    She replaced the cleaner with blue Gatorade, so it looked like she was drinking glass cleaner!

    Eric takes a couple sips and Jessie takes it back for a big gulp.


    Eric & Jessie, 101

    It's a couple days later and Eric is out practicing with one of his Bronco teammates, Wesley Woodyard.

    We could watch him train for days...

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    After training, Eric heads back to the house and plays some basketball with Sydney.

    They start talking boys and Eric asks her if she's seeing anybody. She says no and reveals that she's a virgin at 22-years-old.

    Sydney says she's waiting for the right guy and Eric tries to give her some advice.

    Something tells us, she's heard this all before...

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    Eric heads inside and gets on the phone with his sports agent, Todd France.

    He wants to know if there's any updates and if he's going to be staying in Denver with the Broncos.

    The agent lets him know that it's a little early but he's going to try and find out as soon as possible.

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    How does he do that?!

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    Jessie's mom comes over and they have one big, family hug!

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    Jessie takes her mom, sister and some of her girlfriends with her to check out her wedding dress.

    They're all sitting, waiting for Jessie to come out and the big moment finally arrives...

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    She looks beautiful!

    Everyone loves the dress and the tears start flowing.

    Jessie's crying, her friends are crying, her mom is crying, we're crying...

    It's all a gorgeous mess!

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    The past couple days have been crazy for the cute couple, so they decide to have some alone time.

    Thank God we're invited though...

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    Room for three?

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    They chat about their future, Eric's career, Jessie's career and what they're willing do for each other.

    Eric finds out Jessie might be going on tour for a month and he has his concerns.

    Eric & Jessie, 101

    Jessie's pretty confident (as she should be!) and is not worried about spending time apart...


    Eric & Jessie, 101

    It's a really cute moment and you can really tell they care for each other.

    We then got a preview of the upcoming season and it looks amazing! Can't wait!

    Check next week for another full recap!

    Tune-in next Sunday at 10/9c for an all NEW episode of Eric & Jessie: Game On!

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