Mrs. Eastwood & Company Recap: Don’t Call Me Baby

Sun., Jul. 01, 2012 11:00 PM PDT by Erin La Rosa

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On this week's episode of Mrs. Eastwood & Company, just because you've got Momma Dina Eastwood and Poppa Clint Eastwood as parents doesn't mean growing up is any easier, right Morgan?

"My mom tends to treat me like a little kid," Morgan Eastwood says. "And she doesn't understand that I am almost technically an adult in a couple of years."

Right, you're 15 now so in 3 years you'll be legal—technically an adult—whatever.

"Morgan is the baby of the Eastwood clan," Dina explains. "She's my only biological child and I never want to see her grow up, really."

Well, Dina, unless we can figure out a way to freeze her in time—calling all scientists!—your baby will grow up.

Meanwhile, the Eastwood child who's legally of age, Francesca Eastwood, is feeling solid about her new adult-like life. She's got her own apartment, her own independence and a her family's house to go to if she needs a place to crash.

That is, until Dina gets a crafty idea to convert Fran's room into her quiet art space!

"Lisa [Thrash] and I are going to clean this room out, get my supplies in there and just totally convert it into a sanctuary," Dina says.

OK, but we wonder how Francesca will feel about all that…you made sure to run it by her, right? Right?!

"Dina mentioned to me a while ago that she wanted to convert my room into her art room," Francesca says, "but I honestly didn't think that she would go ahead and do it."

That's the thing about people, sometimes they're actually serious!

Francesca opens up even more when she vents to her little sis, Morgan, who she'll be bunking with for the night. "My whole life I spent time going back and forth from my mother's house and my father's house. My mom doesn't have the house that I was a little girl in anymore. The closest tangible place that I have that reminds me of my childhood is my room at my dad's house."

The only reason she's not telling Dina all of this is because she doesn't want her stepmom to think she's not an independent person. But Morgan takes care of that when she spills the beans to Dina the next day. Whoops!

"I should've known that although Francesca comes across as being grownup, she's still a teenager," Dina says. "So I totally get that she wants a room."

Dina sits down with Francesca to talk about the bedroom to art room mishap and agrees to convert the space back.

"I love all my newfound independence. I love living on my own. I love having to be responsible," Francesca says. "But half the time I still feel like a little baby. So it was really nice to hear from Dina that this will always be a home for me."

While it took Fran a bit of prodding to open up to Dina, Morgan is letting her opinions spill out like gumballs. Especially when there's a renaming brainstorm for Overtone and Morgan vetoes all of Dina's ideas. (What? You mean "The Recyclables" wouldn't be a cool band name?)

"A lot of moms at this stage really have a hard time with their daughters, and I'm having some of that," Dina says. "It's annoying, but is it the end of my world? No."

Well, never say never, Dina! Because when the family goes out to lunch and Dina asks Francesca's beau, Tyler Shields, to photograph Overtone, Morgan blurts out that it would be a bad career move because, "Mom, he only shoots cool people."

But it's not Dina who reacts first—it's her brother, Dominic. "Morgan has a little bit of an attitude, like she knows better than us."

"Everyone is calling me a baby," Morgan says, "or treating me like a baby and I'm just completely over it."

When Morgan tries to change the subject to her favorite person in the world, baby cousin Jaxon, Uncle Dominic lays down some punishment and tells Morgan she's not allowed to see him until she shapes up.

"Maybe I'm out of line," Dominic says, "but I'm not going to let you have Jaxon anytime you want if you treat my sister with disrespect."

Not to fear! Because Francesca, and all of her 18 wise years, knows how to handle the situation.

"I'm feeling a little defensive of Morgan," Francesca says. "I understand both sides of the equation. But it's time that Dina and Dominic realize that as much as they say that they know that she's smart, they don't really treat her like that."

Yeah, you tell ‘em Fran! And when she does, it becomes clear to Dominic and Dina that they need to reevaluate how they're treating the baby Eastwood, even if it seems too soon.

"It's indescribable what you feel like as a mother, when your daughter's about to be of the age where you literally don't really have influence anymore," Dina says.

"I know I've been difficult lately," Francesca tells them, "but I don't want you guys to treat me like a baby anymore."

Dina finally hears what Morgan has been trying to get across this whole time, and she let's go of her overprotective ways. "It's time for me to step back. It's time for me to hand her the keys to her life," Dina says.

Will Momma Eastwood be able to keep that promise? Tune in to an all new episode of Mrs. Eastwood & Company next Sunday, July 8 at 10/9c only on E!

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