Mrs. Eastwood & Company Recap: Mrs. Doubt Tyler

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Last week on Mrs. Eastwood & Company, the gang was in Maui, Hawaii and Dina Eastwood was ready to say "Aloha!"—as in goodbye—to Tyler Shields.

Things start off on the same page when Uncle Dominic stops by Tyler's hotel room only to find Francesca Eastwood crying in the bathroom about the blowout fight.

But not to fear! Because good ole Dom is here and he's about to stage an intervention to talk out what's been bothering the fam.

Like, all of those tall tales Tyler's been gushing out recently. "There's things you've said that I'm like, ‘I question if that's true,' like when you said you were an M.D.," Dom says.

Tyler admits that he didn't graduate high school, so he's definitely not a medical doctor! But then, what about all those other claims to fame? Like, that he went without sleep for 40 days, killed a boar with his bare hands at 7-years-old and was arrested for illegal gambling?

Those are all true, according to Tyler, but the celeb photographer agrees that his actions with Dina weren't OK and he wants to apologize for those.

But Francesca is nervous to talk things out with her stepmom, and says, "Family is very, very important to me, and it's really important that they're all on good terms. I just don't know what I'll do if they don't kiss and make up."

Meanwhile, some of the members of Overtone want to kiss and make up with Eddie after Tino's wife, Nichole, let's the band in on a little secret.

"Eddie came to us in confidence and said that he's in love with Riaan," Nichole says. "I feel like everyone's missing the big picture, like how the f--k do they feel?"

Yes, Nichole, everyone has missed the big picture, as Emile explains that he had no idea Eddie had feelings for Riaan. In light of that little disclosure, the band sets out to find Eddie and apologize.

Only they're a little on the late side for that, as Eddie has been drinking quite a bit and they can hear him crying even before they get to his room.

"I walk in the door and Eddie's on the floor with blood all around him," Emile says.

The next day, Eddie explains what happened by saying, "Last night was one of the worst nights of my life. I drank too much, and I was depressed, and I cut myself."

It's that shocking revelation that leads Overtone to realize that business needs to take a backseat in order for Eddie to get the help he needs.













On the other side of the island, Tyler's pride takes the backseat when he goes to meet with Dina under the careful supervision of bodyguards Francesca and Dom.

"It was never my intention to undermine you," Tyler says. "All I was trying to do is help, but all you were trying to do was help, and I think that we were two generals who were just trying to take charge of the same situation. But it was your house and I didn't let you take charge, and for that I apologize."

The potential reason for Tyler's need for control stems from his upbringing, apparently. "My dad had a lot of anger, so when I was a kid I started to get angry as well," he says.

That's a good enough reason for Dina, who says, "What Tyler's telling me about his upbringing and how it influences his behavior, is heart wrenching. Our family never did that. Makes me really feel for him."

Makes her feel for him in the sense that she forgives him, but Dina's still got her reservations when it comes to her stepdaughter. "I know Francesca is madly in love with Tyler, but I really want her to have eyes wide open in this situation."

Only, as Francesca explains, she knows exactly who Tyler is—issues and all!

Some things, like head over heels first love can't be helped, but when the Eastwoods and Overtone are back home in Carmel, the first thing Dina does is take Eddie to a doctor to deal with his issues.

"I'm ready to get help and to figure myself out," Eddie says. "Otherwise anything that comes my way won't be worth it if I'm not in a good place with myself."

Getting the support he needs is the first step to that, and when Eddie returns home he's greeted by the band. Shane is the first to ask how everything went at the doctor and it becomes apparent that from now on, he's going to be treated much more respectfully by his friends.

"He's undoing layers of how wrong he's been told it is to be a gay man," Dina says. "This is not an overnight process for Edward, but this starts him off and we're ready to help him."

Want to see how far Mrs. Eastwood & Company are willing to go to help Eddie? Tune in for an all new episode next Sunday, July 1 at 10/9c only on E!