Mrs. Eastwood & Company Recap: Material Things

Mon., May. 28, 2012 11:00 PM PDT by Erin La Rosa

Mrs Eastwood and Co

On this week's episode of Mrs. Eastwood & Company, Francesca Eastwood goes to see her boy-toy Tyler Shields and he gives her a nice new gift!

It's a chainsaw…to cut up a $100K purse.

"Tyler got this bag to destroy in a photo shoot and it's really just the logical next step for him in his series of destroying expensive items," Francesca says. But before she puts metal to the leather she wants to carry it around, just for a few days.

That doesn't make Momma Dina Eastwood happy, as she explains, "That's 3 years of my dad's salary for some little person's purse? It's disgusting."

Money was tight for Dina, who reveals that she had 3 jobs by the time she was 19-years-old and grew up in a family that was middle class at best.

That poor-girl mentality, as Dina describes it, is what has shaped her into the woman she is today. That woman is apparently a hoarder, at least according to Francesca and Morgan Eastwood.

"I'm not a hoarder," Dina says. "I'm married to an extremely famous man who has incoming goods everyday of the year. I'm a stacker!"

Well, that's certainly one way to re-phrase the word "Hoarder"!

The girls take notice of Dina's little stacking problem and they scheme a way to help.

"Morgan and my plan is to make Dina clean the house," Francesca says. "We've recruited Lisa—we're all just going to go through it."

Only, instead of being the easy breezy clean sweep the girls are hoping for, getting rid of Dina's stuff turns into a bit of an intervention.

"I'm realizing that Dina has a much more serious problem than I thought," Francesca says. "She does not want to let stuff go."

Even Dina starts to notice that her habit of keeping everything is starting to impact her life. "I'm holding on to so many things that don't mean anything to me. My good old poor girl mentality kicks in…But I'm realizing I don't need it and it took my teenage girls to teach me that."

The clean sweep has an effect on Francesca, too, who realizes that holding on to a bag worth that much money isn't going to help her in the long run.

"After talking to Dina, I'm realizing that this handbag is obscenely expensive and I do feel a little guilty," Francesca says. "Carrying this bag is so not worth it."

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