Mrs. Eastwood & Company Teaser: Playing With Fire

Sun., May. 27, 2012 11:45 AM PDT by Erin La Rosa

Mrs Eastwood and Co












On this week's episode of Mrs. Eastwood & Company we get an idea of just how passionate Tyler Shields is about his art and how far Francesca Eastwood is willing to go for him.

"My boyfriend Tyler is an amazing photographer," Francesca says. "Tyler and I are in downtown tonight to do a photo shoot."

We see Francesca sitting in a ring of fire—no, that wasn't a typo—running from a burning man and hopping around to escape potential burns. Be careful, babe!

"Fire, explosions these are all things that I normally do," the photographer-boyfriend says. "I did Lindsay Lohan with a gun, Zachary Quinto being dragged by a truck, Ashley Greene I had a real train coming at her."

Yeah, that's all great, just make sure our gal-pal doesn't get hurt!

"I have a huge gallery opening coming up in London and this is the first gallery that I'm doing that features a lot of Francesca," he says. "She's the definition of a muse. To me she's the most beautiful girl in the world."

Awww, that's more like it Tyler!

"When I work with Tyler I don't really have boundaries," the blond bombshell explains. "A lot of the times he'll ask me to do things that I'm hesitant about, but I always trust that whatever we're doing will look amazing."

Sure, it'll look amazing, but is it safe?

To see how far Francesca will go to help Tyler capture the perfect shot tune in on Sunday, May 27 at 10/9c only on E!