Mrs. Eastwood & Company Recap: London Bridge

Sun., May. 27, 2012 11:00 PM PDT by Erin La Rosa

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On this episode of Mrs. Eastwood & Company we get to see just how passionate Tyler Shields is when we watch him on a shoot with Francesca Eastwood.

"Fire, explosions these are all things that I normally do," the photographer-boyfriend says. "I did Lindsay Lohan with a gun, Zachary Quinto running through walls, Ashley Greene I had a real train coming at her."

Not that it isn't fun to name drop, but who needs all those other folks when you have Francesca, right? The oldest of the Eastwood girls is London bound for her boy-toy's gallery opening in which she's the muse of his show because, as Tyler so aptly puts it, "To me she's the most beautiful girl in the world."

Awww, that's a good boy, Tyler!

Meanwhile, Dina Eastwood's band manager duties never seem to end, especially when Tino asks if she can walk him down the aisle for his wedding. She's got all the time in the world, right?

"Being a band manager is hectic," Dina explains. "I'm usually doing their emails, phone calls and texts and being a big sister-mother-friend is loads of fun. It's awesome."

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Mrs Eastwood and Co












And her momma duties kick in as well when Morgan Eastwood asks for a hotel room for her 15th birthday.

"Morgan's a good egg," Dina says, "She doesn't get in trouble often."

Lisa Thrash might disagree with that though, as she warns, "Morgy's friends, they go buy liquor. That's how it is. Then they go crazy…There can be boys that come in after you leave. Then they might make a baby."

Woah, Lisa, slow down, babe! Momma Dina is on the case.

"This party can't happen without me being there," Dina says. "But Clint's taught me if you tell one of your children that you're doing something, you do it."

And Dina does do it, just at the same hotel and the same weekend of Tino's wedding. Clever, Dina.

"My mom is still acting like she doesn't trust me," a frustrated Morgan says. "She's really stressing me out and I shouldn't be stressed on my birthday."

Even though Dina leaves Morgan and her gal-pals alone in the hotel room, her thoughts keep wandering to what could be happening. And hubby Clint Eastwood doesn't help when he says, "They're having a big party. They're probably ordering martinis."

Clint isn't quite right about that, as it turns out the girls are playing a game of truth or dare and painting their nails, all 15-year-old approved fun!

Meanwhile, across the pond, Tyler wants to get one last, crazy photo for the gallery opening. Only, his inspiration comes in the form of a bridge and Francesca teetering on the edge of it…

"I'm just so afraid, if I lose my balance for one second, I'm going in the river," she says.

That fear gets the best of Francesca as she has a panic attack on the car ride home. "When we're shooting it's like…You don't care that I'm having a panic attack…The only thing you care about is the photo."

Tyler doesn't exactly deny that when he replies, "I love you and I'll do anything for you, I'll carry you out of the fires of hell, but when we're shooting the fires of hell I want you to stand in front of it and it's going to be really hot."

Standing in front of those fires ends up paying off, as the night of the show Tyler's photos sell out and it's all thanks to his muse! Way to be the best girlfriend ever, right?!

And by the end of the slumber party, Dina learns to keep herself in check, too. She even admits, "I feel a little bit bad for checking up on Morgy, she's proven to me over and over again that I don't need to be checking up on her."

It's OK, Dina, you were just worrying like any good parent would do!

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