Mrs. Eastwood & Company Recap: A Band of Eastwoods

Mon., May. 21, 2012 10:42 AM PDT by Erin La Rosa

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Meet Mrs. Eastwood & Company!

There's Morgan, Dina's 15-year-old daughter. "My mom and I pretty much get along all the time," Morgan says. "Except for when she embarrasses me."

Francesca, Dina's stepdaughter, "I'm so excited about my life right now," the USC student says. "I'm ready to just run into it."

Clint, Dina's supportive, artistic husband. "People go ‘Oh, do you hate being called Mrs. Eastwood? I'm like, ‘No, I'm proud of it!'"

And then there's Overtone—the band Dina brought over to America from South Africa and manages with her brother, Dominic.

"I've got these three huge things," Dina explains. "Two teenage daughters, my husband who's at the top of his game and his career and then there's the band. I'm up against a lot."

Things don't get any easier when Morgan makes a PowerPoint presentation about why she needs a bellybutton ring—at least she's industrious?!

But Dina knows Clint would never approve and it's up to her to try and figure out how to change Morgan's mind before the teen makes a decision behind their backs.

The worried momma turns to Lisa Thrash, the no-nonsense housekeeper who was with the house before Clint even bought it, and Lisa says, "Dina, you're not cool. You should do yourself."

It's an idea that Dina takes to heart. "Morgan basically hates everything I do or is highly embarrassed by everything I do," Dina says. "So, if I just get the bellybutton piercing I know she won't want one."

One problem solved, a whole heap more to go.

Like what to do when Emile, a founding member of Overtone, suggests that Eddie stay in the closet for the sake of the band.

"I am openly gay with the band," Eddie says, "but I'm still not openly gay in the public eye."

"That's so backwards," Francesca later tells Eddie. And she takes things a step further after a dinner with her dad at their restaurant, Mission Ranch. "My dad is very accepting of everyone, I agree with him—I think that people should be left alone. I'm so over hearing Emile think that he can tell Eddie that he needs to stay in the closet for the sake of the band. Something has to be done."

What's done, is that Francesca recruits her Uncle Dominic to help her vandalize Emile's car with bologna and cheese whiz…sneaky sneaky!

But Dina doesn't find it so funny and tells Francesca she has to apologize to Emile. "I understand her being a young, open, liberal minded young woman but this is a little childish for her, and I'm thinking maybe there's more to it than just protecting Eddie."

But, Dina, Francesca is dating Tyler Shields…whatever could you mean?

Where there's smoke there's fire! And during a lunch where Francesca apologizes to Emile, she also confesses to having had a bit of a crush on the singer. We wonder what Tyler would say about that…

The honest talk helps Emile too, who says, "Talking with Francesca, it's like what was I thinking? I was so caught up in business I should've supported him [Eddie] front the start."

Even though Emile is nervous to talk to Eddie, he tells his friend to do what's best for him. It means the world to Eddie, who says, "The last few weeks I felt like I was fighting a battle alone. You guys are my family now. I don't have anyone else, I have Dina and you guys."

Meanwhile, Dina is fighting for her family when she goes to a tattoo parlor and gets a bellybutton ring just to show Morgan that piercings are not cool—ouch!

"The things that we parents do to prove points to our children are completely insane," Dina says.

But the lesson works and Morgan admits, "I guess it's pretty cool that my mom risked my dad getting really mad at her just to teach me a lesson. It definitely scarred me for life."

Nothing years of therapy and some time won't cure, Morgan!

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