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    Find and Adopt One of the Cute Pets You Saw on E! News—See Their Cute Faces!

    Any of the animals seen on E! News Friday can be found at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter, PetFinder.com, and AdoptAPet.com. They will also be at the shelter's Malibu Mobile Pet Adoption on Sunday from 12 to 4 at Pacific Coast Pets, 23705 Malibu Highway.

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    A4498532 MuiMui is a ball of love - a nine year old white and gray female Shih Tzu who was jettisoned at the Baldwin Park Shelter on July 25th because her former owners moved and couldn't be bothered to take their pet of nine years with them. Weighing twelve pounds, MuiMui walks beautifully on leash (but would prefer to be in your lap) and is almost certainly housetrained. She is friendly with other dogs and we think she is a good match for older children. She has a low to medium energy level and just wants to sit on your lap and give kisses. MuiMui is the perfect indoor pet for anybody, anywhere and is ideal for a senior.
    To watch a video of MuiMui please click here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7U2oDWRf1Y

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    NEW A4608806  Vanessa is a three month old black and white spayed female Terripoo puppy who was found in West Covina with her littermates Nigel (A4608807) and Valerie (A4608808) and brought to the Baldwin Park Shelter.  Weighing eight pounds and likely to grow to fifteen pounds, Vanessa has a sore on her hind end which is healing, and we suspect she will be much bouncier when she is feeling better.  Vanessa is the perfect indoor pet for anyone in any living situation at all.

    To watch a video of Vanessa & her siblings please click here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oN6agGPdh4

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    NEW A3528256  Paul is a wonderful 9 year old brown and white male Pit Bull who was dumped at the Baldwin Park Shelter on July 7th because his former owners thought he was too old.  Weighing sixty-five pounds, this beautiful dog walks beautifully on leash and is very well socialized.  Good with other dogs he appears to love children.  It is hard to get a pit bull adopted from a county shelter, and even harder to get a senior pit bull adopted - but this great medium-energy dog deserves a chance and should not spend his last days in a shelter.  Paul will make a fantastic indoor pet and best friend for anyone living in a private home.

    To watch a video of Paul please click here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPx5mvFxtco

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    A4608072 Cuddletux is an exquisite three year old female black and white Domestic Medium haired cat who was found in Hacienda Heights on July 19th and brought to the Baldwin Park Shelter in a plastic trash bag. Weighing eight pounds, this girl has a beautiful flowing coat! Cuddletux is a little shy at first but once she recognizes that she's receiving a friendly petting she is happy and loving. The shelter is a scary place for many cats and Cuddletux is sure to blossom in a loving and safe environment. Cuddletux will be an endearing pet and lap cat for any one in an indoor living situation.

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    A4610216 Sugar is a sensational five month old orange and white male Domestic Medium haired kitten who was found in El Monte on July 24th and brought to the Baldwin Park Shelter. Weighing four pounds, this is a strikingly beautiful feline! He loves to be held and cuddled and will purr up a storm. Sugar will be an outstanding companion and lap cat for any family in any indoor household.


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