A fan who collected a jar of water from a Miami Beach pool that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes swam in last summer is now selling the jar on EBAY. The winning bidder will also receive a 5x7 photo of Tom swimming in the pool with Katie Holmes by his side as a "certificate of authenticity." Since Tom was swimming in it, I assume it wasn't taken from the deep end. It also isn't clear if in the photo you can actually see the shackles that keep Katie bound to Tom's side. I'm sure this is on the up and up-of course, you could just get a picture of Tom Cruise swimming in a pool and then fill a jar up with water from any other pool in the world and claim it's the same one, but this person doesn't sound smart enough to lie. The seller is also claiming that there is a "limited supply" of this "special water," which is a big F-U to the whole rest of the pool. Currently, there are 8 bids for the jar and bidding is up to $130. The list of those 8 bidders will come in handy if anyone ever needs to make a list of the 8 biggest losers in the world.