A 62 year old woman was arrested for aggravated battery after she hit a 65 year old man in the head with a hammer. The woman told police that she was "upset" with the man because he was watching "Judge Judy." What's your beef with "Judge Judy," girl?  I'm going to go out on a limb and guess there was more going on with these two than that. The man is okay for the most part; he only ended up with a large cut on his head. So that rules out this woman's profession being carpenter or roofer. This happened in Florida, but at this point that goes without saying. Police didn't get much information from the woman; they said that she wasn't able to hold a conversation after the incident. I'm not sure why; she sounds smart. But the lack of information has made it unclear to the police what the relationship between these two is. Well whatever it is, it's not great.